Kavach Mental Health App is for
All adolescents

Boost your mental wellness with a daily dose of positivity. Discover an uplifting collection of content, affirmations, and expert tips to help you conquer the challenges you face. Remember, you’re not alone, and brighter days are ahead. We’re here to help you on that path.

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The foundation of many serious mental disorders often lies in unaddressed, seemingly minor issues such as exam stress, overthinking, burnout, and procrastination. When these smaller problems are left unchecked, they can escalate into more severe challenges. This is where Kavach 2.0 steps in – it offers proactive self-help guidance to empower students to navigate these issues when they are still manageable, preventing them from developing into more significant concerns. We have videos written and shot by adolescents, vlogs written by adolescents and many mental exercises and affirmations.


Recognising the vital role of companionship in students’ journeys, Kavach 2.0 facilitates connections among adolescents. It fosters communities where students can find solace in shared experiences, providing a platform for open discussions about the challenges they commonly face.

Through this, they no longer feel isolated in their struggles but gain strength through collective understanding and support.


Kavach 3.0- Metaverse

Despite the undeniable need for professional help at times, the persistent mental health stigma often discourages students from seeking assistance. Kavach 3.0 takes a revolutionary approach by offering a gamified mental health platform.

This innovative platform allows students to maintain complete anonymity by adopting avatars and immersing themselves in a metaverse. Here, they can freely and openly communicate with mental health professionals, unburdening their hearts without fear of judgment or shame.

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From a teen boy’s perspective:

I am appearing for JEE and i have been studying 15 hours a day including my school work. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t get to me.

It does.. The pressure of proving myself in front of my friends, my cousin who is an IIT IIM alumni, my parents who are investing lakhs of rupees for my education…..

Now, everyone works hard, but what do the 0.1% who succeed do differently?
I work hard, very hard, but I am not sure if I will get a seat.

I am scared of people judging me, relatives taunting me…. If I didn’t take care of this feeling in my head, I definitely won’t be able to do well.

Which is why I spend 15 minutes on Kavach twice a day.. Even take a therapy session once a week or once in two weeks. I can’t stress how much it has helped me with my preparation. I sleep better, I eat better which means I study better.

I have let Kavach take care of my mental health while I take care of cracking those exams…Kavach is my EXTRA EDGE!!

From a teen girl’s perspective

I am 14 and still haven’t gotten my period. It is bizarre hown all the girls in my group look down upon me because they all got their periods except for me.
They say I’m not a girl and laugh behind my back.

I want to ask you, is it my fault?

I was sad and doubted myself. Shaming my own self for not getting my periods yet. You know who came to rescue?


Kavach has communities on whats app where girls with similar problems were sharing their experiences and there was a counsellor guiding us in that group.

Slowly but gradually I started becoming my own person and getting my confidence back.

But kavach doesnt only focus on people having issues, if you are someone who has deviated from the right path or is confused and needs a perspective, Kavach is for you too!


Every other day we see instances of students staring into a wall during class, some copy half information from the board while others are busy talking between lessons.

Young people used to eat up books in our times, but now, the number of children who read for fun has declined from 35 percent to a meager 17 percent. And these are not my stats, they are from the World Economic Forum.

We’re hooked on dopamine from our phones. Social media means quick rewards, which has taken over our attention spans, and now it is making it hard to focus on less exciting things.

A lot of teachers are struggling with the same issues. Are you worried that your students are not performing as well as they could?

There is pressure from all sides on schools to keep their results stats high and it is truly a lot of struggle.

But don’t worry! Take the Kavach challenge.

Spending just 15 mins a day on the Kavach app can help your students engage with their community. When they’ll hear tips on improving their attention and focus from people their own age.

Break the phone chain in your classroom with the Kavach Challenge – 15 minutes a day for focused, engaged students!


Ever feel sad seeing your kids doing this beauty routine just to fit in?

We are Indians and we are beautifully brown. But I think someone at school had said something to my daughter about her skin colour. Now it seems like she is always in doubt about how she looks.

Imagine spending hours on makeup and hair not because you like it, but because you’re afraid your friends will judge you if you don’t.

And how to I explain to her? I want to help but I feel that even if I tried, I dont think our teenagers will understand it.

So, isn’t it better that they talk to people their age on Kavach.

Kavach isn’t just an app. It’s a place where kids share without judgment. It is always nice to know others are going through the same, isnt it?

Kavach changed things for me and my kid. She could listen to people her age, and she actually relates to their stories, and loves their advice. She now even comes to me and gives me advice on how I should love myself.

There are awesome videos on loving yourself – totally changed her perspective.

So if you are confused thinking what you can do to help your kid, you can help them see the reality through Kavach. Reality that matters.

But kavach doesnt only focus on people having issues, if you are someone who has deviated from the right path or is confused and needs a perspective, Kavach is for you too!

About Founder & CEO
Ms. Anoushka Jolly

Anoushka Jolly is the 15-year-old founder of Kavach who embarked on her journey as a response to distressing childhood experiences with bullying. Her mission began at just nine years old, and she’s since impacted over 2 million people in 20,000 schools. At the age of 13 she became the youngest entrepreneur to receive funding on Shark Tank India and in 2023, she won the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar from the Honourable Prime Minister and President of India. As an entrepreneur, she has a strong belief in the power of technology for the betterment of mental health, as evident in her work.

by adolescents,
for adolescents

Our content team from around the world

Fareeha Rehman

Heyy loves, I’m Fareeha Rehman from Pakistan. I’m passionate about astronomy, writing prose/poetry and bringing a positive change through my writings. I was delighted to be given a chance to showcase my passion and write for such a great cause at innerark & for kavach 2.0.

Kelvin Mwandwa

I’m a Kenyan and a HUNDRED Youth alumni, passionate about Mechatronics Engineering and chess. I enjoy reading books, listening to podcasts, and learning about diverse cultures and their ways of life, often finding solace in solitude and intellectual pursuits.

Basel Ismail

I’m Basel from Cairo, Egypt! I was part of the Innerark team working on Kavach 2.0 which was honestly one of the most challenging projects I’ve worked on but also the most rewarding project I’ve been on. I’m a person that loves everything creative and somewhat business related.

Anagha Krishna Prasad

I am currently in 11th grade and doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program from Denmark. I am a STEM enthusiast, Writer,  Carnatic (Indian Classical Music) Vocalist, Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance) dancer, SDG Advocate, tutor, and podcaster.

Saesha Sanjay Chanana

Hi, my name’s Saesha! I was born and raised in Dubai until I moved to India when I was eight years old, which is when I developed a passion for writing & performing.

Miraya Dua

I am Miraya Dua, A student at Pathways School Gurgaon. I am from India, gurgaon.I am currently in seventh grade and  I have a vast passion for topics within Mental health. I imagine how many lives have been touched with the impactful videos we’ve created as a team!

Saira Dua

I’m a dedicated student at Pathways School Gurgaon with a strong passion for adolescent psychology, particularly their mental well-being. Hailing from New Delhi, India, I possess excellent interpersonal and linguistic intelligence.

Team Behind

Manu Jolly

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor, Director- Digiperform

Monika Jolly

Chartered Accountant

Vishesh Khurana

Co-Founder at Shiprocket and Angel Investor

Prajakt Deotale

CDO Microsoft UK

Anupam Mittal

Tech Investor, Founder- People Group, Shaadi.com and a Shark @SharkTankIndia

Aman Gupta

Co-Founder and CMO at boat Lifestyle and a Shark @SharkTankIndia